home stretch (may 5 – 12)

Accomplishments: had all my meetings this week and, because of that, was able to finish my project once and for all.

The first professor I met with was Dr. Huntsberger on Tuesday. As someone who focuses on media content, his primary focus was on my videos and photography. He said that my food photos were vibrant while still maintaining their natural appearance: they didn’t seem obviously edited to look more appealing. In regard to the videos, he said that my understanding of angles and the relationship between image and text was very sharp. However, he did suggest playing with the brightness on some of the clips to make the colors pop a little more. To do this, I ended up playing with Premiere’s┬áLumetri Color panel. This was a big game-changer to me: similar to the features in Photoshop’s photo adjustments, I could adjust different aspects of each individual clip, including exposure, vibrancy, temperature, tint, and saturation. This will let me take my videos to the next level – now it doesn’t matter nearly as much that my camcorder is small because I can do more post-shoot editing.

Next, I met with Martin on Wednesday. As the web design professor, he had comments about the basic functionality of the site. Namely, that I needed to be a little more user-friendly: up the contrast between the background and the rest, include some written notes on how to navigate through the slideshows, and put in a method of contact somewhere on the site. He mentioned too making the web page responsive using Bootstrap, which is something to consider for future projects. However, it’s too late to change that – and, could I redo it, I probably wouldn’t because the messiness of cooking and touchscreens seem like a bad combination.

Finally, later on Wednesday I met with Brian. Due to his focus on graphic design, we ended up talking about the site as a whole, and how it appears visually. He liked my font choices, but suggested that I redo the order of my navigation bar (recipes | tea culture | about –> about | recipes | tea culture), add a small banner for the recipes page to match all the other pages, and add an image to the tea culture page to match the about. I made these changes but after doing so, I ended up making the site itself smaller – my “tea fusion: cooking with tea” banner was causing me trouble because in order to center the navigation with the “cooking with tea”, they would have to appear obviously skewed compared to the centered website content (the recipes, tea culture information, etc). By reducing the size of the content container, the skew is still obvious but a bit less so. It feels almost too small for my tastes, but it’s crisper so I have little complaints.

Overall, there are things that I wish I could’ve done differently, but the project that I’ve made is something I can be proud of. Hindsight, unfortunately, is a sharp and clear 20/20, and there’s only so much I can do about that.


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