a whole new level of wysiwyg (april 21 – 28)

Accomplishments: played around with Adobe Muse. A lot. A lot, a lot.

As much as I enjoy coding HTML and CSS (no sarcasm), playing around with Adobe Muse to make my portfolio website was a breath of fresh air. I did have to watch some of the tutorial videos Adobe offered in order to get a handle of all its features – playing with the responsive layout and scroll effects especially – but after that, everything was very straight-forward and even more WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) than Dreamweaver because of all the widgets included within the program. Whatever I didn’t have within the program I could find fairly easily: Adobe has a resource collection for free and paid widgets anyone can add to their Muse websites. I ended up downloading this audio player widget from 123muse to showcase my music from this term.

There was a lot of playing around within Muse as I tried to figure out what I wanted – do I want scroll effects? Multiple pages? How important is it that it’s responsive to me? In the end, I decided to stick to my simple and clean aesthetic: as little pages as possible (about/contact information on the home page, a resume page, and then a portfolio page with music, video, and photography/art) within as clean of a layout as possible.

I’m not set on everything that is on my portfolio page. If I was actually showing this to an employer, I would only focus on the video, because I don’t have the music background to really advertise the fact that I can produce music. I also feel incredibly anxious whenever I make art, so putting myself out as an artist makes me uncomfortable. However, because I am an electronic arts major, I feel it’s necessary for me to include, at least for now.

For me, there is a clear distinction between “the portfolio website I’m making to complete college” and “the portfolio website I’d potentially show to employers” -I’m not in a place where I can think about job applications or anything along those lines, so I need that mental barrier in place in order to finish this. Otherwise, I will freeze up.


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