I’m running out of witty title ideas (april 14 – 21)

Accomplishments for this week: all my pages done, save for some text on one page and a video on another.

First: curse you, Vimeo, for giving me a weekly upload limit that is just a bit less than what I needed in order to get all three of my videos up. This is super inconvenient, but I’ll plan as best as I can once I finalize the videos.

Second, I am constantly amazed by how quickly pages can be churned out, so long as you have your CSS established. It took me anywhere between 8 and 10 hours to complete the first recipe page, CSS included – the other five came together in 2 to 3 hours, including the time it took to upload the videos to Vimeo and create the slideshow.

For my photo slideshow, I modified a code from W3Schools. It was super easy to work with, especially within the site’s Try It Yourself section – I still had to do some minor modifications within Dreamweaver to fit my photo’s sizes, but it was a very painless process.

Since I got further along than I expected in a shorter amount of time, I decided to create the last two pages: the tea cultures page and a short about page with information about me. The about me page just consists of a banner like the rest of the pages, a photo of me, and a short blurb – nothing overly complicated for that. However, due to the length of the tea cultures page, I ended up putting links to and from each of the sections. Remembering how to code that probably took the most amount of time – I tried a hrefs when what I needed was to link to the div ids with #[id tag]. So, for example, [url]/#top would take you to the div id #top. This was something I used in web design and I think is very necessary.

With this, though, I’m pretty much done with my capstone project – besides the stuff mentioned above and talking with professors about my project, that is. So the next step from here is the portfolio website. Daunting, definitely, but I can’t be intimidated by this.


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