my lord and savior, w3schools (march 31 -april 7)

Accomplishments: jumped head-first into HTML and CSS while screaming internally. (Aka: got the home page drafted.)

Looking through my old codes from the web design course I took in Fall 2014 was a painful experience – everything was functional, yes, but aesthetically speaking it was a complete disaster. The layouts were too wide for my large monitor, the information was laid out in a clunky manner (probably to fit assignment guidelines, but still), and I just didn’t like looking at them for very long. Embarrassingly enough, the only design I still liked was the mock up web page I did for a fictional volleyball team from an anime series.

[screencap here]

Not one of the proudest moments of my life, but I’ll take what I can get.

While a mess, having my old codes to look at really helped me jump into Dreamweaver and get to work. I also ended up staring far too long at the HTML code for Laura in the Kitchen, one of my favorite cooking channels’ personal website – the ideas of putting the links to the recipes on the index page and having everything organized within a borderless table was inspired by Laura’s website.

The hardest part for me, I think, was deciding the color palette for the site. I originally wanted to use red because it’s supposedly a color that stimulates appetite, which seemed fitting for a cooking website. Due to the fact that so much of my food photography had the color green, though, and I wasn’t fond of the more pastel-like shades of red, I ended up going with a purple instead. I have a selection of color palettes I got off of Tumblr for when I want to do color studies, so I ended picking a shade off of that and just running with it with different shades for different parts. There’s three shades so far: the darkest for the background, the lightest for the body background, and then one in the middle for the borders and navigation hover.

[color palette here]

For the little lapses in memory that I had, especially in regards to CSS, W3Schools ended up being my go-to source. Their page on the CSS navigation bar was especially helpful to me because, as it turns out, I forgot a lot of the little details about how to code that section.

It’s a start – that’s about all I can say about it.


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