spring break, more like spring break my productivity streak (march 17 – march 31)

Accomplishments for the two weeks: a whole lot of nothing.

I’ve always known that art made me anxious – what about it, I’m not quite sure. Maybe it’s my need to be a perfectionist and knowing that others are better than me and therefore I’m worse than others. Or perhaps it’s out of resistance to all the “Asians are good artists” stereotypes. Even simpler would be that I just don’t like art and take critique as failure. Either way, art and I don’t get along.

I went into the drafting process with incredibly rough pencil sketches – and I mean along the lines of “margin doodles hidden among my philosophy notes” rough – and then tried to follow in Morgan and Kyle’s footsteps with doing a more clear conceptualization in Photoshop. It’s a logical step: make something concrete in order to make the leap to the actual final product. The problem? I’m less comfortable in my ability to make things look decent in Photoshop than I am in my ability to brute code – as a result, I wasted days trying again and again and again to make a decent mock-up when I couldn’t make anything look quite right.

There was also the issue of trying to create a logo. I went through several ideas – different variations on tea cups, tea pots, and some spiral patterns – but that was ultimately more time wasted. Illustrator was not my friend, but any drawing I did in Photoshop looked messy and unprofessional. I ended up discarding everything I made because the panic all of that caused was too much for me to handle.

From all this failure, I reminded myself of two important things about myself: first, at my core, I prefer minimalism above all else. Since the focus of my project is the recipe content, the website should not be visually distracting in any way. Second, I’ve never been the type to plan so much. Whether it’s for papers or projects, my outlines are always sketchy and to the point. I don’t need to do a mock-up in order to conceptualize the layout for my website – my quick pencil sketches are more than enough for me.

While all the wasted time of the week off is honestly a downer, I feel I needed these set-backs in order to remind myself of my strengths.


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