welcome to video hell (march 10 – march 17).

This week’s accomplishments: getting a draft of my three videos done, despite catching my roommate’s awful cold.

Last week’s worries had their foundation, but while putting together the videos I realized I did better than I expected.

(“Better than I expected,” of course, meaning “not up to the same standards as those who do this as a professional career of sorts, but good for a college student with limited funds and bodies.”)

I ended up having some difficulties with my sugar cookies video – namely, that I wasn’t aware of how dark some of my shots were – but through effects in Premiere I corrected that to the best of my abilities. Some are still not the best lighting-wise, but I did what I could.

Everything came together to a point where I feel happy with it, though it’s far from complete. The font I used in the video is Century Gothic – I wanted a clean and legible sans serif font, but I don’t think I’ll stick with it in the final product. I also have a placeholder title card for where either my website’s name and url or my website’s banner will go, to show that the video is content supporting my website.

In other words, in order to finalize the video, I need to think more about my website design. I would like to make the fonts of my website match the fonts in the video – namely, introduce a more stylized font for the name of the recipe – but it would be easier for me to get started on the website graphics (banner, various buttons, and background) first, because honestly I’m at the point where I need to shift gears anyway. I’ve been mentally bouncing around different ideas but I’ll need to start drafting them out over spring break.

Also, after break I will meet with someone from the mass communication department (most likely Huntsberger) about my content thus far. I didn’t this week because I didn’t complete my video drafts until today, but his insight would be valuable.

Through this process, I gained a lot of appreciation for videographers and video editors. Filming and tweaking footage is both time-consuming and frustrating, and it’s easy to mess up if you’re not attentive. I didn’t think putting text in the video would be easy, and it wasn’t – once I got the hang of what I wanted to do and how I wanted things to look, the process was quicker, but even something as simple as font selection I thought about and second-guessed myself with. With voice-overs I had to think about the clarity of my words and having consistent voice-inflection, but text is more about design and how cohesively the words fit into the frame. How can I place the text so it’s important but not demanding attention when not necessary? Is my font choice too boring, or too stylized? Using text in cooking videos is a current trend right now, and it’s definitely something to grapple with to find your own unique spin.


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